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Anna Yoder-Olson

At age ten, Anna knew she would be a nurse. Today, she is a doctoral prepared Nurse Practitioner (NP) trained in adult and geriatric medicine. She has experience in a variety of settings, including: tele-medicine, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, hospital psychiatric medicine, assisted living facilities, clinics, and home visits. She love her profession and patients!

Dr. Anna Yoder-Olson has 20+ years of experience in nursing and medicine. She serves on the Advisory Board for the College of Health and Natural Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), teaches as adjunct faculty for Walden University per diem, and works for Aspire Health Care. Her doctorate research focused on the Concept of Transition and how Transitions are made successfully. Her patient care encompasses addressing the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Dr. Yoder-Olson has started several NP practices, managed NP teams, and developed new business models for delivering care. She is intent on delivering affordable care that delivers health to patients.

Dr. Yoder-Olson is located in Colorado and love the Rocky Mountains, hiking, swimming, writing, baking, traveling and missions.

About On Line Health Visits

Today’s healthcare system has grown complex, disjointed and impersonal. As founder of Telehealth NP, it is Dr. Yoder-Olson’s aim to restore integrity and trust between providers and patients, to offer truthful medical advice and care that heals and restores, to educate and empower self-efficacy, and to provide affordable access to medical care. Please connect today with Telehealth NP to see how we can serve you!

I am now available by text and video via the Medici app, download the app by selecting the image below and enter my activation code OLSOLOV404 at registration.

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